Thursday, 16 June 2011

Top 10 iPhone Shooting Apps

The top 10 apps for shooters:

10.  iSnipe - This used to be my favourite ballistics app until one of the recent updates. The user interface was one of the best and it has some nice features as well as being very accurate at predicting elevation and windage out to long ranges. The latest updates have made it slow to use so it's no longer practical in the field, hence it's demotion to number 10.

9. BulletFlight - Another ballistic app. Nice user interface and uses once of the most accurate ballistic calculators available but the high cost keeps it down at number 9 because it doesn't offer anything more than some of the cheaper ballistic apps.

8. Modern Weapons Small Arms - An encyclopedia of guns. Useful facts about most firearms that you never needed to know. Has come in useful for settling debates at the range a few times though. Only really covers military firearms. Would be better if it covered sporting firearms too.

7. Army Sniper - The U.S. Army’s official field manual in an app. Army Sniper includes over 800 pages of content.

6. Histance - Not really a shooting app but it can be used as a GPS range finder. Select a "New Location", choose the location on the map, drop the pin and it will tell you the straight line distance between you and the pin. And its free.

5. Shot Group Calculator - Take a pic of your group and then with a bit of drop and drag it will work out your group size and other useful statistics. A little bit expensive for what it is at £5.99 but still a nice app.

4. Wind Meter - This app works by directly measuring the volume of wind flowing over your iPhone microphone and converting it into an effective wind speed reading. Although it will never be as good as a dedicated anemometer, it is fairly accurate based on the comparisons I've done so far.

3. Density Altitude Calculator - The name pretty much says it all. Doesn't automatically get the information needed which would be a nice feature, so you need to have it all before and enter it manually, and doesn't accept humidity. Otherwise a great app for shooters, even without humidity it will get you reasonably close and hopefully the next update will correct for this.

2. ShotPlot - From the producers of iSnipe. A way of recording your shots/scores on a variety of different targets. It will also work out statistics, do mil-dot ranging and unit conversions. There are similar apps that do this but this one is by far the easiest to use.

1. Ballistic FTE - Simply the best ballistic app for the iPhone. Has the best calculator and features ad once you get used to how it works, it is the easiest and fastest to use. Has all the features (and more) of BulletFlight but at nearly half the price. Make sure you get the Field and Tactical Edition (FTE) with the HUD though.

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