Monday, 9 May 2011

Sightron's Latest Scopes

Sightron have added a range of new scopes to their line up. One I've found particularly interesting is their SIII SS 6-24X50 LRMOA. The main feature of which is a MOA-dot (so to speak). Whilst not actually a dot it uses a graticule with 2 MOA spacing:

Another nice feature is the lower cross-hair extends nearly all the way to the bottom rather than turning into a thick post allowing you to use all of your sight picture for either range finding or accurately holding off.

Other notable features include tactical turret knobs and 100 MOA of windage and elevation adjustment which should mean you can get out to 1000yds without a tapered base (for most calibres).

Sightron's are know for their good glass quality but I've always thought their build quality wasn't the best. Hopefully if these new scopes are supposed to be more 'tactical' that is something that may have been addressed. Either way I'm impressed enough that I think I'm going to get one. The reticle design and MOA spacing are features that I've been wanting on a scope for a while. Hopefully other scope manufacturers may follow suit.

At only £843 they're very well priced compared to similar products.

More details are available in Sightron's catalogue.

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