Tuesday, 17 July 2012

.308 Winchester Ultimate Reloading Guide

The ultimate reloading guide for .308 Winchester. This brings together all the freely available reloading data from the internet into one place.

Shooters using reloading info and load data do so at their own risk. Check all loads with printed, commercially available reloading manuals and NEVER exceed maximum powder weights. Bullet Point accepts NO liability for accidents! Be careful!

Follow the links below for each manufacturer to geth their specific reloading data for this calibre:

Alliant Powders - Alliant powders (Reloader etc) and Speer Bullets. .308 is about 2/3 down the page.

HandLoads.com - Lots of loads for variety of powders and bullets;

Hodgdon/IMR/Winchester - Hodgdon, IMR and Winchester powders. Select rifle and .308 Winchester from drop down menus;

Lapua/Vihtavuori - Vihtavuori powders and Lapua Bullets reloading data;

LoadData.com - Lots of loads for variety of powders and bullets. Just enter .308 Winchester in the search;

Nosler 125gr Spitzer - Various powders;
Nosler 150 - 155gr - Various powders;
Nosler 165-168gr - Various powders;
Nosler 180gr - Various powders;

ReloadAmmo.com - Various bullets and powders. MAX loads start 10% lower!

AccurateReloading.com - Small selection of powders and bullets covered;

Steve's Reloading - Lots of loads for various bullet weights and powders;

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